Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Middle Class an Endangered Species? (part 2)

My Right has taken issue with my post yesterday and missed my point. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the Government's tax policies, if you are in a financial hole you should stop digging. Somewhere along the line this family got themselves into trouble because they made a crap decision, they decided to have more kids without making sure they could afford them. People on the right seem to think that this behavior is limited to beneficiaries but its not.

Its a bit simplistic to look at this as a simple left vs right issue. One of the major factors that is hurting the middle classes is the student loan system and other than a bit of tinkering around the edges by Labour there is a broad consensus on this short sighted policy between the main parties. This family may get a tax cut under a National government but they would still be shafted by having to pay all that extra money for student loan repayments. The student loan system is completely out of control and is going to have big consequences down the track yet no party seems to have the answer to this problem.