Thursday, March 06, 2008

The cost of racism

Since the Brash days, National has been pandering to the rednecks by promising to abolish the Maori seats, and yesterday, John Key went to some pains to confirm that this was still National's policy. Today, he received a pointed reminder from Hone Harawira of what the cost of that policy could be:

The Maori Party today warned other parties to tone down their rhetoric on abolishing the Maori seats, in case they compromised any potential post-election arrangements.

"It took us 150 years for our voice to be heard in the halls of power," said Treaty and Constitution spokesperson Hone Harawira, "and our people won't stand for anyone trying to take it away again."


"We won't be doing deals with parties who plan to silence our peoples' views" he said.

Given that National is likely to need at least the tacit support of the Maori Party if it hopes to form a government (no-one believes the New Zealand electorate will allow a majority government with no checks and balances), then this is a pretty clear shot across the bows: stop pandering to rednecks, or you won't have a hope of seeing the treasury benches.