Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A waste of money

A couple of weeks ago we learned that Paula Bennett's plan to drug-test beneficiaries was not based on evidence and would cost more money than it saved. Despite this, she's pressing on with it regardless, announcing that beneficiaries will face sanctions if they are unable to pass pre-employment drug tests.

This is of course a giant fucking waste of money. But National doesn't care about that. Responsible economic management? It all goes out the window when there are votes to be grubbed by exercising power over the poor.

There's also a strong element of hypocrisy here. To point out the obvious, Bennett wasn't required to pass a drug test before becoming an MP, or before becoming a Cabinet Minister - and she would be outraged if she was asked for one. But if she wants to impose them on others, she and her Cabinet colleagues should lead by example. If MPs want people to piss in a cup for them, surely they should do it for us. Anything else would be pure hypocrisy.