Friday, January 30, 2015


Russel Norman has announced he will not be contesting the Green Party's co-leadership in May. Bugger. He's been great as co-leader, and he and Metiria have doubled the party's vote while making it clear that they lead the opposition on policy. And yet its also perfectly understandable too - Norman has just had a significant change in his family, the sort of thing which would make anyone reconsider their commitments. And he's clearly decided that his family is more important than politics, and all power to him for doing so.

(Meanwhile, the Greens are disproving Enoch Powell's famous line that all political careers end in failure. Both Norman and Fitzsimons have departed at the time of their choosing, not because they lost an election or were rolled. Its possibly a strength of the co-leadership model that you can leave while also feeling that the party is still in safe hands, but also another sign that the Greens aren't just about seizing and grimly holding onto power at all costs like other parties)

The Greens are a democratic party, so there will be a leadership election. Kevin Hague is an obvious strong contender, but he'll have to win the endorsement of the membership (and do it every year, at that). Hopefully there'll be some competition - because as we've seen with Labour, coronations simply breed arrogance.