Friday, April 10, 2015

Save Campbell Live

John Campbell is one of NZ television's best journalists. This year the show he heads, Campbell Live, has broken major stories around zero-hours contracts, hungry kids, and EQC. And he produces change, as this weeks scrapping of zero-hours contracts at Restraunt Brands shows. Its exactly the sort of campaigning journalism which holds the powerful to account that we need. So naturally, TV3 wants to scrap the show and replace it with mindless pap.

If you don't like this, there's a petition on ActionStation here. Its currently on 35,000 signatures, and has become ActionStation's fastest-growing campaign. I'd suggest emailing Mark Weldon at TV3, but I don't know his address.

Meanwhile, like many net.people, I get my news when it happens from the internet and my TV from the same source. Broadcast to me is a dead medium, running on someone else's schedule and packed with intrusive, unfilterable ads. Campbell live is the last show on broadcast TV I actually watch. If it goes, then I might as well just toss the receiver box entirely and rely on the intertubes for everything.