Monday, September 21, 2015

So much for the PM's vanity project

A poll by 3News shows that now people have seen the options, they overwhelmingly oppose changing the flag:

A new poll shows the four flags shortlisted for a referendum on a flag change have so far failed to win the public over - only 25 per cent of voters want a change.

The 3 News Reid Research poll shows just 25 per cent of people want to change the flag after seeing the four shortlisted options while almost 70 per cent say no. Six per cent did not know.

And its pretty obvious why: the new designs are a bit meh, while the process is very obviously a strapped chicken designed to give Key the outcome he wants. And faced with that, people are simply saying "nope". And yet, Key is still confident. That's probably the usual political bullshit - politicians are Not Allowed to be honest about losing or making a mistake - but its worth pointing out: his strapped chicken referendum law has no spending limit and no expenses reporting. So, he may simply try and buy the outcome he wants in the second referendum.