Friday, March 18, 2016

Open Government: Compare and contrast

What submitters on the OGP Mid-Term Self-Assessment Report said they wanted in the next action plan:

A large number of the submitters queried the Government’s openness in light of the current negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. In terms of the relative importance of other issues raised, Government performance in terms of freedom of information and public record-keeping were noted by a number of submitters as the most important areas for improvement.
What the OGP Independent Reporting Mechanism recommended we do:


What SSC is going to force down our throats:


The OIA is mentioned as an afterthought - aspects of the Law Commission's recommendations "could be considered as components of future OGP commitments". But its pretty much crap like that all the way down. And because they chose to start so late, rather than have an extended co-creation process as seen in Australia and the UK, they've made sure there's no time to change any of this even if they wanted to.

Its not really co-creation, is it? Instead, civil society is sidelined, used solely as a prop to legitimise pre-determined decisions. So why play along?