Thursday, February 28, 2019

Want a reason to support a capital gains tax?

Since the Tax Working Group released its report recommending taxing capital income, the right have been relentless in opposing it. They've even dug Roger Douglas out of his crypt to speak up for the rich. Which simply brings to mind Murray Ball's classic cartoon about MMP: if you want a reason to support it, just look at the people who are telling you not to:


[With apologies to Murray Ball].

Who opposes a capital gains tax? The people who will be paying it: the tiny fraction of rich pricks who hoard houses and own shares and huge tracts of land - in fact, the same people who are taking up the top six floors of inequality tower. These are the parasites whose greed has ruined New Zealand, giving us run-down public services, a corrupt business culture, and a housing crisis. Taxing capital income will finally make them pay their fair share, just like the rest of us do. No wonder they hate the idea.