Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Here we go again

So, the inevitable has happened and we have Covid in the community again. So now we have to do it all again to try and get it back under control. And already the usual suspects are whining, pretending that they don't know what the plan is when really they simply do not like the idea that we will all lock down for as long as necessary. But sadly, what this crisis has revealed is that there are some kiwis who would rather we face mass deaths than see any disruption to their money-grubbing or loss of profit. Which is another reason why we need to tax these parasites out of existence.

But what its also revealed is that we can do this. Lockdowns work, and people understand that. So, we all stay at home and wash our hands, and we'll beat this again, just like we did back in April. If we're lucky, it's a limited outbreak, it'll be tracked down and isolated, and this won't last too long. If it has spread further, then it will take longer.

As for what it means for the election, it depends on how serious the outbreak is. The dissolution of parliament has been delayed until Monday while the government works that out, but if its a limited outbreak, then things will proceed as normal - there's a bit of wiggle-room in the statutory timeline. Otherwise, Parliament expires in October, which would mean a November or December election. But obviously, if this goes on for any length of time, there are going to be limits on the ability of MPs to campaign in person and hold public meetings, which obviously isn't ideal. As for the voting itself, Andrew Geddis covers that here. We have a functioning government which has planned for this contingency, so our democracy will continue despite the virus.