Thursday, January 28, 2021

Fixing National's whiteness problem

After almost twenty years of ignoring the Māori vote, National may run in the Māori seats again:

A former National MP is excited the party could stand a candidate in the Māori electorate seats for the first time since 2002.

One News reported last night that National's leader Judith Collins will tell the caucus next week the party will reverse its longstanding position not to run in Māori seats.

Collins said last year that the party was exploring it as a possibility.

Good. National's racist cordon sanitaire against Māori was bad for the party, bad for our society, and bad for our democracy. It means their caucus doesn't look like New Zealand, while sending an appallingly racist message that in National's eyes Māori do not and never will matter. And that's the sort of thing that ought to be beyond the pale for any self-declared "mainstream" political party (or really, any party at all).