Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Nazis are back

Remember the National Front? In 2005 they threatened to contest the election, received broadcasting funding, then failed to register to contest the party list or run any candidates, instead endorsing Winston Peters and the Direct Democracy Party. The party subsequently fell apart, with various members jumping ship to the rival National Democrats due to infighting (though the conviction of several members in association with racist attacks probably didn't help).

But now the Nazis are crawling out of the woodwork again. A reader reports that the remnants of the National Front, National Democrats, and an unknown group styling itself as the "New Right" have united to form a new "Nationalist Alliance". Their leaders? Former National Front fuhrers Kyle Chapman and Anton Foljambe. So, the same people, same faces, and the same policies of violence and hate.

This is a democracy, and they're entitled to seek election. And, as DPF points out, we are entitled to mock and ridicule them for their hateful views. Though fortunately, they'll probably manage to do most of the ridiculing themselves.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if this is the reason the Direct Democracy Party (a stealth vehicle for Nazis) seems to have given up the ghost.