Monday, September 06, 2010

Anderton and earthquakes

On Sunday morning, in the wake of the Christchurch earthquake, the Herlad reported that

Christchurch mayoral aspirant Jim Anderton told CTV on Friday that it would take an earthquake for him to lose the election race against incumbent mayor Bob Parker.
Like many people, I spread the news over twitter, amused at the cosmic irony. But it turns out it was a fabrication. According to the actual interview [video, 54s in], Anderton actually said:
There was a long history with the Labour Party. It would have taken a pretty earthquake, seismic shift to get me to move. And the seismic shift was Rogernomics...
So, I apologise for spreading the misquote or misleading anyone. Meanwhile, I'm wondering: what sort of person edits together a video like this in an effort to make someone "say" something they clearly didn't? Its dishonest, not to mention just a bit weird. But that seems to be par for the course down there in the sewer.