Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Member's day

After being delayed by the interminable budget debate, today is finally a Member's Day. Unfortunately there's not much exciting going on. First up there are a pair of reports of the Privileges Committee on protecting their apparat from defamation action and protecting themselves from the GCSB. The latter in particular promises to be a wonderful exercise in hypocroisy, given that they want the GCSB to be able to spy on everybody else. After that there's a boring local bill to dispose of, before they get down to the actual member's bills. But even on that front it looks rather dull - the committee stage of Todd McClay Mark Mitchell's petty Prohibition of Gang Insignia in Government Premises Bill and the rest of the first reading of Sue Moroney's doomed Employment Relations (Statutory Minimum Redundancy Entitlements) Amendment Bill. If the House moves quickly, they might get on to Labour's Electricity (Renewable Preference) Amendment Bill (still down as belonging to Charles Chauvel on, but now fronted by Moana Mackey). If they get that far, we'll have a ballot for one bill tomorrow morning.