Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Labour's hypocrisy on SkyCity

Labour has been making a lot of noise about opposing John Key's crony-casino deal with Sky City. But they're happy to take SkyCity's hospitality:

Labour has cried foul over the deal offered to SkyCity in return for building an international convention centre. But this didn't stop MPs Clayton Cosgrove and Kris Faafoi accepting an invitation to watch the All Blacks beat France from the comfort of the SkyCity corporate box at Eden Park on Saturday.

But it gets worse - David Shearer was also sucking at the corporate teat.

This is utterly hypocritical. What next? They'll be taking SkyCity's dirty gambling money as well? Labour needs to stop playing us for chumps, and walk its talk. Until it does, it shouldn't expect any votes from people who value honesty and integrity.