Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Who to vote for in Palmerston North II

For those of you still wondering who to vote for in Palmerston North, there's a few extra sources on information to help you make up your mind. Firstly, Environment Network Manawatu has candidate information for both city council and Horizons. Secondly, Generation Zero has scorecards up for mayoral candidates. These generally support my first-cut analysis, though I'll be slightly reshuffling my council rankings. Finally, I've been contacted by a representative of council candidate Aleisha Rutherford, who pointed out that she was a pro-union candidate who supported the council paying a living wage. As a result, I'll be ranking her in my choices as well.

There's a little less than two weeks to get your votes in. Please don't forget. The people elected to city council and Horizons can make a real difference to our lives. If you want a clean river, decent public transport, and functioning local services, its worth paying some attention to.