Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Saving my local democracy

Three months ago, the Palmerston North City Council was scheming to undermine my local democracy by introducing at-large election. Now, in the face of public opposition and the threat of an appeal to the Local Goverment Commission, they've given up. According to today's Manawatu Standard (offline):

After months of debate, the decision to retain wards for next year's Palmerston North City Council elections was rubber-stamped last night without a comment.

Mayor Jono Naylor and deputy mayor Jim Jefferies were the only ones to hold out until the end in favour of city-wide voting.


As well as retaining wards, the decision maintains the number of councillors at 15, adjusts the boundaries of the five existing wards, and resolves not to have any comunnity boards.

(The council had already decided to switch to STV for the 2013 election)

But while this is a victory, it isn't the war. The council is still keen on undemocratic city-wide voting, and will be reviewing it for the 2016 elections. I guess you can always trust in the self-interest of politicians...