Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Italy's dictatorship falls

A year ago, in an act of cowardice, Italy's elected politicians abrogated their responsibilities and allowed the appointment of an unelected, "technocratic" (i.e. NeoLiberal) government to manage their country through its economic crisis. That government then proceeded to fuck over the Italian people, imposing NeoLiberal austerity for the benefit of the rich and bankers. The good news is that this dictatorship has finally come to an end, with Prime Minister Mario Monti announcing that he would resign after a major party withdrew its confidence. The bad news is that all of this is happening because Silvio Berlusconi wants a fourth term - and another few years of immunity from prosecution.

Still, Berlusconi is better than the alternative. If he wins, he will at least be elected and accountable to the people. Monti was neither - he was a dictator with no mandate and no legitimacy. If he wants to keep pushing his austerity, then he should stand for election and see how popular it is. Otherwise, Italy is well rid of him.