Friday, December 21, 2012


More evidence today that british torture in Iraq was widespread and systematic: they've paid out millions of pounds in compensation to hundreds of their victims:

The Ministry of Defence has paid out £14m in compensation and costs to hundreds of Iraqis who complained that they were illegally detained and tortured by British forces during the five-year occupation of the south-east of the country.

Hundreds more claims are in the pipeline as Iraqis become aware that they are able to bring proceedings against the UK authorities in the London courts.


Lawyers representing former prisoners of the British military say that more than 700 further individuals are likely to make claims next year.

Most of those compensated were male civilians who said they had been beaten, deprived of sleep and threatened before being interrogated by British servicemen and women who had detained them on suspicion of involvement in the violent insurgency against the occupation. Others said that they suffered sexual humiliation and were forced into stress positions for prolonged periods.

In other words, the same shit the Americans do. Which is what happens when you ally with them and your troops work closely with them: they get poisoned with America's love of torture and abusing the weak.

The MoD promises they will bring those responsible for torture to justice. But there have been no prosecutions. The military, like the establishment, protects its own. But the message that sends is clear: British soldiers can torture with impunity, and they will not be held to account. Which means that the UK will likely be facing exactly the same problem next time it goes to war.