Thursday, December 13, 2012

"The Government actually doesn't care about Kim Dotcom"

Last month, when challenged about the handling of the Kim Dotcom fiasco, Prime Minister John Key said that "the Government actually doesn't care about Kim Dotcom". Obviously. They "didn't care" so much that the case was discussed at the top-levels of our national-security heirarchy:

The police organised crime squad that carried out the Kim Dotcom raid has given briefings to a high-powered group charged with protecting New Zealand's "national security".

The briefings to the subcommittee of the group known as "O-Desk" have the potential to draw John Key's closest intelligence advisers into the ongoing court inquiry into the raid.


Since then, the Herald has discovered [OFCANZ] has given three briefings to the subcommittee, which is focused on NZ's response to organised crime.

The subcommittee is one of a few that feed into Odesc - the Officials Committee for Domestic and External Security Co-ordination.

It is a collection of spy agency, diplomatic, government, military and police leaders tasked to "act on the Prime Minister's behalf to exercise policy oversight of the New Zealand intelligence community".

ODESC is also responsible for overseeing the GCSB, so the reason for their recent interest is obvious. As for the rest, you really have to wonder why spies are taking interest in a copyright case, unless its seen as a way of further toadying to the Americans.