Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shearer: Room for bigots in Labour

Pete George has the transcript of an interview with David Shearer on bFM:

Zac: Is there room for MPs with homophobic views in the Labour Party?

Shearer: Oh look yes, absolutely, there are some, when I say homophobic I don’t think we’ve got any homophobes there, but, there are some people who don’t agree with, ah, um, unsection (?) marriage, you mean you know, a marriage between two, two people of the same sex, um, that’s ah, that’s not ah a a majority but um look you know at the same time as we, you know we’ve been at the forefront of these things, we’ve also had people who didn’t agree with it, there’s plenty of room for them as well.

(Emphasis added)

FFS. Given a clear opportunity to talk about Labour's opposition to bigotry and its pretty good record on the issue, Shearer flubs it and instead hangs out a big "bigots welcome" sign. heckuva job you're doing there David. No wonder Charles Chauvel abandoned your sinking ship.

A party which calls itself "progressive" should not have space for bigots, any more than it should have space for sexists and racists. End of fucking story.