Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Just give me something to blog about...

I've completed my move to Wellington, but it seems to be a slow week for blogging. So, I'll have to fall back on the old staple, and blog about having nothing to blog about.

OK, I won't. But there seems precious little out there worth frothing at the mouth over. The war in Iraq has ended, and settled down into the sort of mess Afghanistan is in. The US is pissing off the locals, wants to pull out quickly, is going to privatise their oil industry and doesn't seem to want to commit the resources to clean up after themselves - ho-hum, same as it ever was.

Local politics is boring as well. I've already blogged about the opposition chorus over Helen Clark's foreign policy statements, and the other major news feature is the efforts of various politicians to blame each other for the power crisis. Oh, there's the kerfuffle over the premiere of Return of the King, but is there really anything to say there?

The best I can do is complain about the shitty TV reception in Johnsonville, but I don't think any (either? :) of you really care whether I can watch "Buffy" or not.