Monday, June 09, 2003


The scuffle over whether Tony Blair lied Britian into war is getting seriously dirty. In response to government claims that "rogue elements" within the intelligence services were trying to undermine the government (and fears that they'd end up carrying the can for the failure to find Iraqi WMDs), the spies are threatening to reveal a "smoking gun"... just not the one Blair wants them too:

Minuted details will show exactly what went on. Because of the frequency and, at times, unusual nature of the demands from Downing Street, people have made sure records were kept. There is a certain amount of self-preservation in this, of course.

Of course, now that there's the suggestion of incriminating tapes and documents, the press (and the public) are slathering at the thought. Hell, I want to know, just so I can see Tony Blair go down...