Saturday, August 16, 2003

The missing link

It has occured to me that there's a link between my posts about the hypocrisy of the NZ Herald and John Howard, which might put things in perspective. In both cases, the hypocrisy lies in claiming a right for yourself while denying that same right to others. The Herald is claiming the right to publish whatever it damn well pleases (and specifically, to not publish what doesn't please it), while having vigorously denied the right of the University of Canterbury to do the same. Howard has claimed that Australians should not have to face the death penalty, while saying that its perfectly acceptable for Indonesians to do so. In both cases there are consistent positions on either side of the respective arguments, and in both cases the people I'm venting at have tried to have it both ways... if you have any belief at all in consistency, then this ought to offend you, regardless of what you think of the positions the Herald and Howard are espousing.