Sunday, January 25, 2004

"I don't think they existed"

David Kay, the head of the US attempt to find WMDs in Iraq, has resigned, and said that there were no Iraqi WMDs. No large-scale production in the 90's, no remaining stockpiles, no meaningful nuclear program, no serious R&D into biological or chemical weapons, zip, nada, zilch, nothing.

Or, in clear, plain English: it was all based on a lie. Ten thousand dead Iraqi civilians, an unknown number of dead conscripts, a country in ruins with no power, water, or security - and all on the basis of what is charitably described as a collective delusion, and more accurately as a planned campaign of deceit on the part of the Bush administration and Blair government.

And the fuckers have the gall to just keep on lying. Now they're claiming that Iraq’s WMDs may have gone to Syria. How can they have, when they never existed in the first place?

Bush needs to be de-elected, ASAP. Semen stains on a blue dress? That's nothing compared to lying your country into a war and killing ten thousand innocent civilians (not to mention five hundred US soldiers) in the process. If this isn't a "high crime and misdemeanor" - or a "war of aggression" as defined in the Nuremberg precedents - then what the hell is?