Friday, March 19, 2004

Justice prevails - for the moment

British home secretary David Blunkett has lost his appeal aimed at keeping a security detainee in prison. The Special immigration Appeals Committee ordered the man's release after finding that the evidence on which he was held had been exaggerated and was "wholly unreliable"; the government had challenged the ruling. Today, the lord chief justice made the (apparantly obvious) ruling that if a detention is unlawful, then the detainee must be released, and (more importantly), denied the government further appeal.

All things going well, the man will be released later tonight. However, it's not all plain sailing - the government might simply "re-certificate" him, sending him straight back to jail on the same shoddy "evidence". For them even to be considering this shows how far Britian has fallen, and low little they care about justice and human rights these days.