Sunday, January 16, 2005

A sickening Inconsistency

Here's an inconsistency: today, Specialist Charles Graner got ten years for abusing and torturing prisoners at Abu Ghraib. Meanwhile, the companies who provided the contract interrogators who ordered him to do it - CACI International and Titan - were rewarded with valuable new contracts by the Pentagon.

Between them, the companies provided half of all interrogators and analysts at Abu Ghraib. Several have been accused of serious criminal behaviour in the various investigations into what happened there. Steven Stefanowicz of CACI ordered people to physically abuse prisoners. John Israel of Titan is accused of lying under oath, while Adel Nakhla (also of Titan) raped a child prisoner. Other employees of these corporations were found to have beaten or ordered the beatings of prisoners, used unauthorised "stress positions", and used dogs to intimidate and maul prisoners. Both companies clearly have a problem with ensuring that their employees conform to military standards for running and working in a prison. Neither has fired anyone for these abuses. Yet rather than being banned from further contracts until they clean their act up, CACI has had its US$16 million contract for Abu Ghraib renewed, and Titan has been given US$164 million of new business.

US$180 million for perjury, beatings and child rape. I guess the Bush administration felt they were doing a good job...