Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Winston's list

New Zealand First has finally released its party list. In the process, they've also released their local candidates - something they seem to have been delaying as long as possible because it might distract attention from Winston (interestingly, there's still no general link to candidates on NZFirst's webpage - Winston really doesn't seem to like sharing the limelight).

The actual list seems to be about stability - with no changes at all in the top 7. Beyond that, a few MPs have been demoted to make way for educationalist Susan Baragwanath, and former Cook islands PM Joe Williams has been slotted in at 15. The rest of the list is mostly new faces, but that's primarily because they've doubled its size since 2002. While there's plenty of Maori representation (Tariana can say what she likes; NZ First was a Maori party long before hers was), there's very few women - two in the top 10, and five overall (there's possibly one more, but with no candidate information provided, its difficult to sort out the ambiguous names).

As with Labour, I've done a comparison showing candidate's relative placements with last time.

2005 RankName2002 RankDifference
1Winston Peters10
2Peter Brown20
3Brian Donnelly30
4Ron Mark40
5Doug Woolerton50
6Barbara Stewart60
7Pita Paraone70
8Susan Baragwanath----
9Jim Peters90
10Dail Jones100
11Craig McNair8-3
12Edwin Perry11-1
13Bill Gudgeon12-1
14Brent Catchpole13-1
15Joe Williams----
16John Foote----
17Fletcher H Tabuteau18+1
18Alan Heward----
19Kristin Campbell Smith----
20Kerry Lundy----
21David Fowler----
22Brendan Stewart----
23Brett Webster16-7
24Bob Daw19-5
25Murray Strawbridge----
26Moetu Davis----
27Toa Greening----
28Dave Mackie20-8
29Anne Martin----
30Julian Batchelor----
31Chris Perry----
32Lindy Palmer----
33Brian M Roswell----
34Joe Glen----
35James Mist----
36Howard Levarko----
37Paul Trevor Manning----
38Tim Manu----
39Kevin Gardener----
40Graham Odering----

Further candidate details are currently unavailable.