Sunday, November 06, 2005

Rod Donald is dead

It's shocking news; he was only 48. And it's a great loss to the Green Party, and to Parliament. His pragmatism and ability to find some way of working with people to advance Green ideals will be sorely missed.

The Greens' press release lists some of his achievements, but I think his greatest one is bringing us a fairer electoral system. MMP is Rod's legacy, and one we should continue to build on to ensure we have a fair and inclusive democracy.

Frogblog has an online condolence book here.


It is a great loss indeed. As an non-New Zealander living here and having an interest in politics, I was quickly struck by his abilities. Just one of the things he worked on - bringing Parliament within the scope of the OIA - revealed him to be head and shoulders above most of his peers in Parliament. The Greens will be hard-pressed to find someone else of his abilities; not just on policy, but also with the presentational abilities and personal integrity that the public want so much from politicians but encounter so rarely.

Posted by Mr K : 11/06/2005 05:45:00 PM