Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Brash's "integrity"

In a short interview with the Manawatu Standard yesterday, Don Brash claimed that

"I have never, to my knowledge, misled the New Zealand public."

Really? Quite apart from his deceit over his relationship with the Exclusive Brethren, and over his connections with the Business Roundtable, I think we really only need to remember three words: "gone by lunchtime".

But while we're at it, I am at a complete loss to understand how a man who not only believes in a "moral obligation to lie" but acts on it can claim to have any integrity or credibility at all.


"connections to the BRT" is the critical one. If we do not address this issue we may finish up like this:

WASHINGTON - The national Democratic Party has spent millions on raising money, consultants and building state parties, entering the weeks before Election Day with only about one-fifth as much as the Republicans for races that could decide control of Congress.

The Republican National Committee is prepared to spend $60 million over the next seven weeks on advertising and get-out-the-vote efforts to protect the GOP's narrow majorities in the House and Senate.

The Democratic National Committee plans to use about $12 million, all devoted to getting voters to the polls. Even in that effort, though, it has set aside only an average of $60,000 in each of the 40 most competitive congressional races in the country.

Posted by Anonymous : 9/20/2006 06:30:00 PM

It takes a fairly low IQ to think that National is not supported by the BRT or does not to some extent take their advice.
It is rather like thinking that Labour is not influenced by the unions or the greens are not influenced by poor people. Surely Brash never openly denied it?

as to the EB, openly telling the public all evidence that might put you in a bad light while honourable might be a big step to ask of politicians. We are making reasonable steps if they just fail to directly lie to us about it.

Then again i do get a "full of sh*t" feeling from him. I think it might have been that "no policy" before the election thing.
Helen gives me more of the "screw you, I'm the queen" feeling.

Pity democracy results in such annoying people being the leaders...

Posted by Genius : 9/20/2006 09:07:00 PM