Thursday, November 23, 2006


The unexpected postponement of Meyt's Medicinal Cannabis bill meant that today's ballot was for two bills, not one. The following bills were drawn:

  • Education (National Standards of Literacy and Numeracy) Amendment Bill (Bill English)
  • Education (Establishment of Universities of Technology) Amendment Bill (Brian Donnelly)

Both have previously been covered by an "In the ballot" post.

There were a massive thirteen new bills in today's ballot. In addition to the Greens' "six pack" on climate change, there was also:

  • Parental Leave Entitlement (Lump Sum Payments) Bill (Paula Bennett)
  • Local Electoral (Fair Representation) Amendment Bill (John Carter)
  • Public Works (Offer Back of and Compensation for Acquired Land) Amendment Bill (Te Ururoa Flavell)
  • Education (K√≤hanga Reo, Kura Kaupapa Maori, and Early Childhood Standards) Amendment Bill (Pita Sharples)
  • Ethical Investment (Crown Financial Institutions) Bill (Maryan Street)
  • Summary Proceedings (Enforcement on Sundays) Amendment Bill (Kate Wilkinson)
  • Criminal Cases Review Tribunal Bill (Richard Worth)

Hopefully I'll be able to do an "In the ballot" on some of these next week, depending on whether MPs send me enough information.