Monday, December 04, 2006

Fiji: It begins...

The Fijian army has reportedly taken over the HQ of the police tactical unit - the only police unit with guns, and something that Commodore Bainimarama wants to see disbanded. I guess he wants to make sure he has a monopoly on firearms and therefore on the ability to hold the government at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, in a positive sign, at least some of those approached to form a miliary-backed interim government have refused to participate. Now, if only they all would. Unfortunately, I think the army won't have too much trouble finding enough venal, self-interested people to front for them.


Don't wait for Mike Field to file a story. You can get up-to-date info from these sites:
(office has closed but still publishing online - new developments in last hour)

Fijilive or

For some candid commentary on the situation last week, see Yellow Bucket:

Posted by Anonymous : 12/04/2006 09:19:00 PM

Andrew Hughes argues that it's the other way around: Bainimarama is the frontman for power seeking interest groups, just as Rabuka was in 1987 and Speight was in 2000.

"He’s a frontman as Rabuka was a frontman in 87 and (George) Speight was in 2000. Bainimarama is a frontman for power-seeking people in Fiji who failed at the last election, who are not able to gain power legitimately so they're using him as a means to gain that power," he said.

Posted by Anonymous : 12/06/2006 11:19:00 PM