Friday, January 04, 2008

Nandor rumours

Chris Trotter devotes his column today to the rumours (erronously attributed to DPF; actually first seen on Whoar) that green MP Nandor Tanczos will resign from Parliament before the election to make way for co-leader Russel Norman. I have no idea whether the rumours are true - strangely, no-one seems to have actually bothered to ask the Greens about it before rushing into print - but I'd be extremely sorry to see Nandor go. He's been a hard-working and effective MP, a solid voice for the environment, justice, and human rights, and a calm and reasoned advocate of the causes he espouses. Plus, I have to admit to a certain childish glee at the outrage he generates among intolerant traditionalists who think that Parliament should only be a place for dead white males with sticks up their arses, and should not be sullied by dreadlocked hippies. But at the end of the day what Nandor does with his life is his business, and eight years in the Parliamentary zoo is more than we have any right to ask of him. If he wants to call it a day and stand down, it would be a generous move, but the decision is ultimately his to make.