Monday, March 17, 2008

Mealy-mouthed bullshit

Despite a death toll of at least 80 and eyewitness reports that Chinese police have gunned down protesters in the streets of Lhasa and Aba, our human rights supporting Prime Minister is still refusing to condemn the Chinese government's crackdown in Tibet. Instead she's waiting for "more accurate information" and calling on both sides "to exercise restraint". This is the sort of mealy-mouthed bullshit issued by the US when their Israeli proxies show their usual disregard for civilian lives, not what I'd expect from a Prime Minister who leads a government which claims to be a strong advocate for human rights.

Meanwhile, both the government and opposition are claiming that human rights are "independent" of the Chinese FTA. They should have no trouble condemning the current abuses then. Their failure to do so suggests that the Chinese see the two as linked, and that the profits of our farmers must be bought by our complicity and silence.