Thursday, December 18, 2008

An obvious question

Tuesday's Question Time saw the first real questions asked about the police's spying on activists - including this one from Green MP Keith Locke:

Keith Locke: How can the Prime Minister have confidence in the Minister of Police when the paid agent Rob Gilchrist was forwarding emails from the Greens parliamentary office to the special investigation group, and does he think that police spying on MPs and their staff is appropriate in a democratic society?

Hon JOHN KEY: I think the member needs to accept that the police should act to protect the security of New Zealanders and our communities, and that they may engage in a wide range of methods in order to achieve that, provided that they are legal. As I said earlier, the Minister sought an assurance from the Commissioner of Police that the activities were legal and had foundation. I accept the commissioner’s perspective on that matter.

Which raises the obvious question: does the Prime Minister regard the Green Party as a threat to the security of New Zealanders? Whatever his answer, it would be fascinating...