Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Member's day

Today is a member's day, with another four bills up for first reading. First up is Jeanette Fitzsimons' Sustainable Biofuel Bill, which reinstates the sustainability standard for biofuels removed by National last year. National has said it supports it, so this one should go quickly. Then we have Meyt's Marine Animals Protection Law Reform Bill, which improves protection for dolphins and whales. Third we have Maryan Street's Customs and Excise (Prohibition of Imports Made by Slave Labour) Amendment Bill, which does exactly what it says on the label; I have no idea yet whether National will vote for it or vote it down as a "non-tarriff trade barrier". And finally, there is Rahui Katene's Te Rā o Matariki Bill/Matariki Day Bill, which would make Matariki a public holiday. Again I have no idea where the government stands on it (and their support is necessary for it to progress) - but the desire for good coalition relations with the Maori Party should at least see it sent to select committee.

With no local business to distract them, the House should get through the first three and make a start on the fourth - which means a ballot tomorrow for three bills.

For those interested in listening in, the slavery bill should be up around 20:00, with a vote around 21:00.