Monday, July 05, 2010

Reminder: Enrol to vote in local-body elections

Today is your last chance to enrol to vote in this year's local body elections. So, if you haven't enrolled, or aren't sure, fill out the form here and check.

Voting matters, even in local body elections. Local authorities don't just do roads and rubbish, they also do libraries, housing, transport, and other vital community services. Elect the wrong people, and those services get cut or privatised. Local authorities also play a key role in environmental regulation, as the primary enforcers of the RMA. Elect the wrong people, and they allow coal-fired powerplants or dairy farms and fill the air with smoke and the rivers with shit.

If you don't vote, the wrong people might get elected. If you don't vote, you might get John Banks, or his local equivalent. So, make sure you're enrolled, and have your say.

Correction: As several people have pointed out, its not the last day to enrol, but the first day of the enrolment drive. Teach me to blindly regurgitate what a contact says...