Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Good riddance

Pansy Wong will resign from Parliament. Good riddance. She stole from us, then lied to the inquiry to cover up further thefts. And that is not something we should accept from any elected representative. In the real world, Wong would have been sacked and likely faced criminal charges for her theft; her resignation will likely allow the government to sweep the whole affair under the carpet - another example of how its one law for politicians, and one for the rest of us.

Unfortunately, by resigning Wong gets to walk away with her perks intact. And so her partner will be getting a 75% discount on his international trips for "genealogical research" and "doing favours for friends" for the rest of his life. They're a perfect example of why we must end former MPs' unjustifiable travel perks. But with Speaker Lockwood Smith lined up to get 90% off his overseas holidays as "compensation" for a pay rise which was deferred more than a decade before he was even elected, that doesn't look very likely.