Thursday, December 01, 2011

Equality wins in Queensland

Last night, the Queensland Legislative Assembly passed its Civil Partnerships Bill by 47 votes to 40, making it the first state in Australia to do so (other states offer weaker domestic partnerships, which are not marriage in all but name). Its a victory, which will improve the status of the GLBT community and end discrimination - but its only a "separate but equal" solution. The real battle, over same-sex marriage, is happening on a federal level, with Prime Minister Julia Gillard coming under increasing pressure from within her party to support it. This weekend we'll almost certainly see the ALP move to a position of allowing a conscience vote on the issue, and possibly to official support. Which means that pretty soon, we'll see another bill introduced, and possibly passed.

Which raises the question: do we really want to be behind the Australians in this? Unfortunately, that's exactly where National looks to be taking us.