Thursday, August 30, 2012

Earning his $140,000 a year?

Last night, Labour's Raymond Huo was the only MP not to vote on the historic Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill. So why didn't he? The Herald has an answer:

Labour MP Raymond Huo, who had earlier said he was leaning towards supporting the bill, did not cast a vote because he felt the Chinese community was overwhelmingly opposed to it.

Mr Huo said he would review his decision at the select committee stage.

So, his constituency was overwhelmingly opposed, so he didn't vote. He didn't represent them, and he didn't represent his conscience and Labour values, which were presumably telling him to vote the other way. Instead, he just sat there and twiddled his thumbs on the most important issue to come before our Parliament this term.

Aren't you glad we're paying him $140,000 a year?