Monday, January 14, 2013

TPP: A mug's deal

Remember the Trans-Pacific Partnership? This proposed free-trade deal with the US is supposed to bring us enormous economic benefits by boostign exports. So what's actually in it for us? Nothing:

A top trade official from the United States says her country is yet to make an offer in trade talks on better access to its markets for New Zealand dairy exports.

The comments from the US chief negotiator in the TransPacific Partnership, Barbara Weisel, come despite a deadline for the talks to be completed by October.

Last month Trade Minister Tim Groser said it was high time the US made an offer on dairy in the 11-country talks if the October deadline is to be met.

But Ms Weisel says no such offer was made at the last round of talks in Auckland, held after Mr Groser made his comments.

So, the Americans are demanding we accept US-style copyright law (you know, the one that allows vindictive prosecutors to persecute activists and drive them to suicide as revenge for opposing it), and give up Pharmac (which saves us tens of millions a year by buying cheap medicines), and in exchange they're offering us nothing. That's a mug's deal, and one the government should reject.