Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New parties

Kim Dotcom has revealed the name of his new political party: not "Mega", but "Internet". Which should make it very clear what they're standing for. Meanwhile, an early strategy document for the party from Bomber Bradbury has been leaked online, suggesting a focus on only two or three electorates, and free wifi in Auckland Central as an advertising gimmick. While I Am Not A Lawyer, the latter looks like it could be treating; if that's the sort of advice Bomber gives, then its no wonder he hasn't been officially hired.

The sewer is also frothing about the involvement of Graeme Edgeler. To point out the obvious: setting up a political party is a complex business. You need rules, you need to register, and you need to understand electoral law (especially when your party is being established and funded by a non-citizen). Edgeler has previously worked for the Electoral Commission and is one of this country's best experts on electoral law. If I was setting up a political party, he's exactly who I'd hire.

And meanwhile, exiled NZ First MP Brendan Horan is planning on startign a party of "independent" MPs now that he has been cleared of stealing from his dead mother's estate. Its a bit of a contradiction in terms, and others have tried the party-with-no-policies "strategy" before and sunk without a trace. I expect Horan to suffer the same fate.