Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A commitment we can hold him to

Still reading Dirty Politics. Meanwhile, in addition to all the damage to the government from the truth coming out, we've also got something else useful from it: a firm commitment to higher standards from David Cunliffe:

Labour Party leader David Cunliffe says if he was Prime Minister he would hold his ministers to a higher standard than John Key does.


David Cunliffe told Radio New Zealand's Morning Report programme Ms Collins' behaviour was unbecoming of a minister, especially a Justice Minister who is meant to uphold and guide the formation of the law.

He said if Ms Collins was a minister in a government run by him, she would be gone.

"There would be a huge difference in the standards that I would hold my ministers accountable to and the way that the Prime Minister is treating the Minister of Justice."

The full audio is here. And if he becomes Prime Minister and shows any reluctance to enforce high standards on Ministers, we can beat him with it.