Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Australia murders another refugee

How bad are Australia's refugee gulags? So bad they just let someone die of a cut foot:

A 24 year-old Iranian asylum seeker, Hamid Kehazaei, who was urgently medivacced from Manus Island to Brisbane on Wednesday, 27 August has been declared to be ‘brain dead’.

By the time Hamid was medivacced to Brisbane, he was suffering septicaemia, from an infection spreading from a cut foot, and went directly into intensive care in the Mater hospital. He had sought medical attention for days on Manus Island for the pain and the infection.

A couple of days ago, he suffered a heart attack and yesterday (Tuesday, 2 September), the Immigration Department and the hospital told the family that Hamid was confirmed as ‘brain dead’. He remains on life support.

How does this happen? Becuse the gulags are, quite deliberately, unsanitary hellholes where refugees often have to walk through raw sewage. Meanwhile, they are deprived of even basic medical care. The result is people dying of entirely preventable causes, which were eliminated last century in the modern world.

This is fucking medieval. No-one should die of something like this in the modern age. Australia is supposed to be caring for these people; instead it is deliberately depriving them of the necessities of life in an effort to "encourage" them to give up their claims and return to torture and persecution. This death is the foreseeable result of a deliberate government policy. Those responsible for that policy should be prosecuted for murder.