Monday, December 01, 2014

A new ANZAC force?

John Key is apparently planning a new ANZAC force for Iraq:

New Zealand and Australia are in talks around forming a joint force to serve in Iraq against Isis (Islamic State) a century after the first Anzac force was created, Australian media are reporting.

Sydney's Daily Telegraph this morning said it had confirmed that Australian defence figures had been in discussions with New Zealand officials around the joint force.

Prime Minister John Key had also been in private discussions with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to explore the possibility of joint Anzac taskforce consisting of several hundred troops, the Daily Telegraph reported.

It is estimated that a further 400 Australian specialist soldiers could be sent, along with an as-yet-unknown number of New Zealand troops.

So once again we're going to join Australia to go off and fight an unwinnable battle for our foreign imperial masters. All we need are some foreign generals to lead us to disaster, and the parallel will be complete.

This isn't our fight, and there is no good to be done there. New Zealand should stay out of Iraq.