Monday, January 05, 2015

Rotten to the core

In case you needed any more evidence that the British establishment is rotten to the core: British police actively covered up sex abuse by a close friend of Margaret Thatcher:

One of Margaret Thatcher’s closest confidantes raped a teenage boy 30 years ago but escaped justice when Scotland Yard covered up the crime, it has been alleged.

Police are investigating claims that Sir Peter Morrison lured the 14-year-old to London and sexually abused him in a guesthouse reportedly used by a Westminster paedophile ring.

A former Conservative minister, Morrison was first exposed as a serial child abuser in 1998, three years after he died from a heart attack. But the MP for Chester was never charged with any crime during his lifetime.

Speaking to The Telegraph, the alleged victim, now aged 46, said he and his family reported Morrison to Scotland Yard in 1982, hours after the teenager had escaped the MP’s clutches.

Yet after he gave a statement and was examined by doctors, the family say they heard nothing for months.

Finally, the boy’s father says he was informed by Scotland Yard that the abuser had been sent to prison for assaulting his son, and that no further action was needed.

However it was only years later, the family claim, that they discovered the culprit's true identity. They then discovered Morrison had never in fact been jailed for any crime, and that police had apparently duped them into dropping the allegation.

How does this happen? When you have a police force whose core duty is to protect the powerful rather than bring criminals to justice. And that attitude seems to be so ingrained that the only solution seems to be to burn down the whole thing and start again.

(Meanwhile, I suspect Andrew Windsor is wishing he had the services of such loyal little lickspittles ATM...)