Friday, October 07, 2016

Good luck with that

Apparently Tony Blair wants to re-enter politics to save the UK from Jeremy Corbyn:

Tony Blair has indicated that he is preparing to return to British politics to prevent the "tragedy" of Britain becoming a "one-party state".

The former Prime Minister warned that the rise of the hard-left in Labour means that "the centre ground is in retreat" as he urged moderate politicians to "rise to the challenge".


He accused Jeremy Corbyn of taking the Labour Party "back to the sixties", warning that Mr Corbyn's views are "very, very remote from the way that the broad mass of people really think".

He said: "In the UK at the moment you’ve got a one party state. When you put it all together [taking into account that the Conservative leader wasn’t elected], there’s something seriously wrong.

Of course, one of the reasons the UK effectively has a one-party state is because Blair decided to continue Thatcher's policies rather than repudiate them, resulting in two parties with no real differences between them. But I suspect that's not what he was thinking of.

The good news is that the UK Labour Party elects its leaders now - and if recent leadership elections are anything to go by, Blair doesn't have a hope in hell of winning. If he's returning to politics, he'll have to build his own party, rather than cuckooing his way into UK Labour as he did before.