Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Seizing the opportunity

It looks like Andrew Little is seizing the opportunity presented by Bill English threatening the retirement age:

Speaking to RNZ, Little said he opposed any changes to the superannuation age, due to the strain it could place on some elderly people.

"There are working people, people who do physical and manual jobs throughout their working life, right now they struggle to get to the age of 65 already.

"I met a line technician a few years ago who was 64, looking forward to his retirement at 65, his employer had approached him and said 'Listen, we can't find replacement line technicians, do you mind working until you're 70?

"He was horrified...he simply could not do that work anymore."

While people who worked in less physical professions could continue past 65, universal superannuation meant you needed the same rules for everybody.

Instead, Little is pushing for the government to resume contributions to the Cullen Fund, effectively forcing high-earning Boomers to pre-fund part of their own retirement. So, it looks like he can recognise a political opportunity, and has learned the lesson of Labour's last two massive defeats.