Thursday, June 15, 2017

He's on their side

Farmers are destroying our environment. They're sucking our rivers dry, polluting our lakes and streams with their cowshit, and destroying the global climate with their emissions. So naturally, Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy has announced that he's on their side:

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy was out to paint the Government as the sector's only true friend.

It was National that was openly defending farmers in an environment where there were rising tensions between the primary sector and its critics. Not its opponents.

The critics were cynics "speaking with forked tongues".

But said Guy, they were "better at communicating than we are."

"We need to be loud and proud - not humble."

Pretty obviously, we can not expect proper regulation of the farm industry from such a biased Minister. If we want farmers to clean up their act and stop ruining our country, we need to change the government.