Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Good riddance

Texan oil cowboys Anadarko are leaving New Zealand:

Anadarko, the Texan oil giant, is poised to leave New Zealand, dropping its final exploration permit and closing its local operations.

Alan Seay, who has headed the company's New Zealand office since 2011, said the Houston-headquartered company had informed its partners in its remaining permit, in the Canterbury Basin off the coast of Oamaru, that it wanted to resign as the operator and was leaving New Zealand.

"It's all down to the continuing low oil price. Ourselves and other explorers are having to make some tough decisions about where we invest capital and frontier areas like New Zealand are always going to struggle in an environment like that," Seay said.

Good. Anadarko has undermined our human rights, corrupted our government, and endangered our environment. Their business is inherently dirty, but they are utterly reckless in conducting it. The sooner they shut up shop and fuck off back to Texas, the better. Hell, maybe they could take their spies Thompson and Clark with them?

Oil is not our future. The climate simply cannot afford for it to be drilled and burned. We cannot afford that. The industry Anadarko represents profits from slowly killing us, just like the cancer industry. And they should be treated the same way.