Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Ending state house sales

The government has officially ended National's selldown of state houses:

The new Government has put a full stop on state house sales today, halting a 2,500-house transfer in Christchurch.

Making the announcement at the famous first state home in Miramar, Wellington, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said housing was at the core of her Government's agenda.

"Our belief is that housing is at the heart of what makes our community strong, and everyone deserves to have a warm, dry and affordable home."

​Families in 2500 state homes in Christchurch would no longer be switching landlords next year.

Good. National sold off over 5,000 state houses as part of their ideological programme to get the government out of helping those in need. That programme led to mass-homelessness, and conflicted with basic kiwi values, so I'm glad to see it end. Hopefully Labour will now be able to repair some of the damage National has caused, and get us back to a society where everyone has a proper roof over their heads.